Market entry: The close and trustful cooperation with many Embassies, Consulates, Governments, NGOs, Banks, Representatives of the Economy and Culture enables us to support you sustainably in entering the African Market especially in ECOWAS, West Africa. Market analysis is part of our work as well as tax and legal consultancy or making contacts to the important decision makers.

Tax, legal questions: In case you need tax or legal support we would like to assist you. We employ our own specialists and we have a far-reaching network of experienced and engaged specialists which know the laws of your target state in Africa very well.

Business deals: By knowing the African markets and cooperating with many partners on the Continent we are able to offer you very interesting business opportunities on many different fields.

Trustee services: In some African States the freedom of action as a non African company is limited. For instance in case it is not allowed for foreigners to buy land in a certain African State we can be your trustee as a domestic company.

Joint Venture Partners: Many companies are looking for a domestic Joint Venture Partner to minimize the risk entering an African Market. UNION STRONG CONSULTANTS supports you searching for a solvent and reliable Joint Venture Partner.

Solving Problems: Foreign Investors often have significant problems in African States regarding the still widespread corruption on the Black Continent. Knowing the mentality of the African People and speaking their language it might be easier for us to solve those problems than it is for a foreign company or investor.

Incentives: Investment in Africa is supported by many different incentives not only by your own country but also by the African target country you want to invest in. In many cases the incentive possibilities are very complicated, hard to understand and to generate. It would be a pleasure for us to just find the suitable incentive program for your individual project in Africa.

Certificates: Before starting a project where ever in Africa one often needs a market analysis or a certificate however for your own purpose or for a possible third party. Our specialists are ready to support you.

Other support: The possibilities and chances for investment in Africa are huge. So are the risks. What ever you do, where ever you can't proceed with own resources just contact us. We will analyse your case and we are confident to be able to help.




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